Co-creation and societal cohesion

Shared value creation and a common understanding of technology is the underlying mindset and the ultimate goal of the EuroTeQ Engineering University. We want to serve as a glue for societal cohesion in regions, nations and across Europe. To bring different parts of society closer together, we want to open up for the wider society and let them participate in our activities.

We are proud to have the support of 45 associated partners from industry and society. They underline the high and long-term ambition, co-creational character, as well as regional impact we strive for with the EuroTeQ project. We team up with different associated partners from our local communities, but also from wider Europe. The mix of associated partners is crucial for combining the local needs and expertise with the scalability to a European level.

Our European partners

Leading European associations that centre on engineering education or the engineering profession are strongly involved in the project:

Organised as a non-profit organisation AISBL in Belgium, the well established

will support our activities. EuroTech partners EPFL and Technion will additionally share their expertise where especially beneficial and may profit from the lessons learned although not formally integrated in the structure. They are ideal candidates to test our approach and help spread its principles outside the EU.

Partners from the Munich eco-system

The ONEMUNICH strategy underlines TUM’s commitment to local stakeholder engagement and strong regions in Europe.

Partners from the Copenhagen eco-system

DTU has one of the most well-developed ecosystems for innovation and entrepreneurship among technical universities in Europe.  Our associated partners from foundations, unions, organisations and industry support these efforts.

Polyteknisk Forening

Partners from the Eindhoven eco-system

TU/e campus is in the centre of one of the most powerful technology hubs in the world: Brainport Eindhoven. Globally, we stand out when it comes to collaborating with advanced industries. Together with other institutions, we form a thriving ecosystem with one common aim – to improve quality of life through sustainable innovations. 

Partners from the Paris eco-system

Located within the Paris-Saclay cluster, one of the world’s top eight innovation hubs, and part of the Institut Polytechnique de Paris, l’X campus benefits from the dynamism created by both private and public actors based within the cluster.

Partners from the Prague eco-system

The Czech Republic and especially its capital Prague offers a favorable environment for the development of a business with its geographical location in the very center of Europe. 

Continental Automotive
Skoda Auto

Partners from the Tallinn eco-system

Estonia is the first country to function as a digital service. A number of world-renowned technology companies were born in Estonia and the nation boasts more thriving start-up companies per capita than anywhere else in Europe. TalTech partners are a vibrant combination of the key regional players from the industry and start-up community.