Our open, inclusive approach to address complexity

The EuroTeQ Engineering University management structure is based on equal rights and shared responsibilities. Our lean processes account for the agile character of the envisioned activities, where all relevant stakeholders’ perspectives are heard.

The following bodies are the prerequisite that

  • the shared ambition is anchored at the highest level,
  • all individuals relevant for implementing and sustaining the activities are connected across the partners and empowered to collaborate, 
  • the broader community of students, faculty and staff take ownership and contribute to the ambition, and
  • external stakeholders and the broader public are informed and encouraged regarding the opportunities to co-create.


Presidential Strategy Forum

Our Presidents oversee the strategic alignment of activities with our long-term vision & mission.

Management Board

Our Vice-Presidents for Education implement our strategic vision and oversee all EuroTeQ activities.


Is the project management office. The Secretariat coordinates all activities and is the first point of contact.

Student Council

Our student representatives advise the Management Board and bring the students’ perspective into all our activities.

Advisory Boards

Local Advisory Boards (LABs)

Engage representatives of the local eco-systems. Each partner has established a LAB with representatives from the local associated partners and local student organisations. The LAB mirrors the respective eco-system and integrates the perspectives from stakeholders and associated partners into the co-creation process. The LABs also steer the involvement of vocational education and formats of continuing education.

EuroTeQ Advisory Board (EAB)

Engages representatives from European and other transnational organisations. The EAB works as a corrective and supervisory body, ensuring that the external perspectives of stakeholders from industry and society including European students’ organisations are well reflected in EuroTeQ activities. It advises the Management Board, and serves as a measure of quality control. For its composition, we strive for a high diversity. 

Working Groups

Multiple different Working Groups are responsible for the implementation of the activities and tasks of the EuroTeQ Engineering University. Here, the experts from all partners come together to work on a specific topic, share best practices and implement our many activities for learners, academic and non-academic staff, our researchers and partners.

Our Working Groups have a high relevance for driving our ambitious Initiatives. They build the EuroTeQ Campus, run the Collider, or engage in research or communication. If you wish to join a Working Group, please contact the EuroTeQ Secretariat.