EuroTeQ DocuWiki Introduction

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Why a DocuWiki?


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  • Purpose of DocuWiki
  • Glossary of Terms
  • EuroTeQ Project
  • Governance, Organization & Structure
  • Representative Examples of Events or Actions provided by different Work Packages
Where Does EuroTeQ Fit Into European Education Area?
  • European Union (EU) – a cooperative partnership between participating European countries, established in order to provide unrestricted mutual movement of citizens, goods, finances.
  • European Commision (EC) – an EU government consisting of President of the European Comission (prime minister) and Directorat-Generals (ministries), with the “Directorate-General for Education, Youth, Sport and Culture” being directly related to the EuroTeQ project.
  • Bologna Process – a reoccuring series of policy agreements between member countries and organizations, with a goal of adjusting higher-educational environment for mutual compatibility. This affects an increasing amount of aspects, including teaching elements or credit and degree recognition, leading to learning mobility and academic cooperation.
  • Erasmus+ – an EC project created to facilitate EU goals in higher education, with emphasis student and teacher mobility.
  • National Agency – a government office from each of EU member states, evaluating validity of submitted education projects and allocating Erasmus+ grants accordingly.
  • EuroTeQ – EuroTeQ Engineering University. An Erasmus+ funded project intended to improve student preparation for their future STEM careers in the spirit of EU ideals.
  • BoostEuroTeQ – an EuroTeQ project variant focused on research in environments involving academia and industry partners.
EuroTeQ in a nutshell

In addition to the above, the EuroTeQ Engineering University has the goal to bridge a gap of students from member country universities when transitioning from the student world to the corporate world, including via joint university events.

Willingness to keep learning is expected to remain mandatory, incl. through participant promotion based on a good experience with the project.

The project is to overcome a still existing level of fragmentation of member universities through a system of workload organization in the form of Work Packages.

EuroTeQ Grant Agreement

The Grant Agreement is the founding document of the project, defining the mandatory project participants, goals, budget.

The wording applied throughout the document is handled as a pure business contract and is worded accordingly. Despite being very precise where it matters, in some cases a certain level of interpretional skills are required as well.

Although the document itself is not public, the table of contents should provide a rough overview of what aspects of the contract are addressed.

EuroTeQ Structure

The Grant Agreement defined workload is divided into six Work Packages (WPs), each with their own focus. Concurrently however, each WP consists of a dedicated lead university, with other establishments providing assistance. This guarantees mutual cooperation and therefore leads to accomplishing the EU declared goals.