If you are a researcher, a teacher or both, EuroTeQ Engineering University has a lot to offer for you. Discover existing engagement opportunities and don’t be afraid to propose a project bottom-up. We invite your ideas and experiences.

Mobility programmes for teaching

Get to know your colleagues across the EuroTeQ Campus through mobility programmes for teaching. You can design or offer a course together.

Engage in Challenge-based Learning

Get involved in the Collider, the Challenge-based Learning initiative from EuroTeQ.

Learning Lab

Join our Learning Lab for best practice exchange with colleagues on innovative teaching & learning formats. Apply for the EuroTeQ Teaching Fund, we invest in your project.


Join our research community and engage in interesting research projects. We co-create with industry and society and our research feeds directly back into our education.

Network and apply for funding

Interested to build a consortium in one of five fast developing research areas? Discover EuroTech Universities Alliance and join its unique research communities.