Join the next Collider in spring 2023!

Stay tuned and discover the challenges of the upcoming edition! The challenges will be announced at each EuroTeQ partner university, depending on their schedule.

Participants can choose from a selection of challenges within the central theme of Leave No Waste Behind. The exact format of the Collider and the time investment required to complete it varies from one university to the other. You can find information on the format at your respective university below.

In general, the programme of each Collider compromises specific courses (i.e. Innovation & Entrepreneurship tools & frameworks), project work, an exchange with relevant industry partners as well as mentoring and coaching.

Take up the challenge as a team!

You will work in teams and can also the possibility to draw on your universities’ thriving eco-systems as you develop your solutions. Within the teams, participants with different academic and cultural backgrounds will enrich each other’s learning experience and a collision of ideas to bring promising and impactful solutions to life. Diversity and Interdisciplinarity are therefore key.

Please note:

Each EuroTeQ member university will organize a local launch of the next Collider.

Who can participate ?

  • All students from EuroTeQ partner universities
  • Professionals & lifelong learners from the EuroTeQ eco-system
  • Associated partners

What is in for participants ?

  • ECTS for students that complete the Collider
  • A EuroTeQ certificate for non-academic participants
  • An opportunity to develop valuable intercultural and entrepreneurial skills for your future career

As a participant, you will be able to rely on a course, a mentor and resources, which are mainly developed for the Collider and the different stages of the process: ideation, choice of a solution, development, prototyping and preparation of the pitch in front of the jury.

Each university offers a different format of the Collider to fit local needs and the respective semesters timetables.

Still, you are part of a truly European experience. It is our aim to see how the different topics are addressed across the six locations prior to the EuroTeQaThon.

Join as a student

All EuroTeQ partner universities will have a Collider project week(s). In general, you can register for the Collider via ECTS accredited.

Find out local Collider specifics here

Join as an Industry partner

Each EuroTeQ partner university has developed a format to allow industry partners and lifelong learners to engage. You can participate as a mentor, coach, inspirational speaker or by suggesting a concrete challenge a team can work on

Contact us to find out how to get involved in the local Collider and the EuroTeQ community! here.

Other ways to join

We are always looking for new ways to learn and collaborate in projects involving education, industry and society. We encourage all those who are interested in the EuroTeQ Collider to reach out to us.