EuroTeQ Collider : A challenge-based learning initiative

Our society is confronted to global challenges of various kinds, we need to resolve together. Inviting students to contribute and respond actively to these challenges, the EuroTeQ Engineering University has initiated a challenge-based learning activity called Collider.

« Collider » is the chosen term to emphasize that the most creative and innovative solutions often emerge from the collision of ideas from a diverse group.

The Collider takes place at all EuroTeQ partner universities in the form of project weeks.

This initiative allows the establishment of interdisciplinary and international teams comprised of students, vocational trainees and lifelong learners to collaborate on developing solutions with the support of industry partners, start-ups, teachers and students at each institution.

The Collider aims to provide an innovative learning experience to all participants, enabling them to build new competencies while elaborating viable solutions to support a sustainable future.

Choose your challenge!

The challenges emerged from a call for ideas addressed to all students, professors, researchers and industry partners at all partner universities prior to the first Collider.

Various concrete challenges have been formulated, all linked to the overall theme « Leave no waste behind » 

Leave no waste behind

Our way of living generates a lot of waste that is harmful to the environment. Across the globe, the reduction of waste is a significant challenge, and we must be more aware of the amount of waste we generate and develop and adopt new solutions and habits to decrease waste production. Reflecting the importance of this global challenge, « Leave no waste behind » is the central theme of the Collider.