The EuroTeQaThon grand finale

The EuroTeQaThon

is the final event bringing the best teams from all six universities together and celebrate their creativity and innovative ideas! They will get together at one location for a two-day workshop to talk about their projects and showcase their work in front of a jury. Every team will pitch their project. From all presented teams, three most innovative, impactful, and ready to launch projects will take the first place. This is the final opportunity to see what EuroTeQ has been doing on the theme “Leave no waste behind”.

The third EuroTeQaThon will take place at CTU in Prague, from Saturday 10 June to Monday 12 June 2023.

The EuroTeQaThon 2023/Prague

The results of the EuroTeQaThon 2023/Prague:


Impact category winner is The Himalayan Legos team, Technical University of Munich.

Innovation category winners are Space Junk Juggernauts, Eindhoven University of Technology.

Ready to launch category winner is SoftAware team, Technical University of Munich.