EuroTeQ Collider: A Challenge Based Learning initiative

Solve real-world problems through collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking.

EuroTeQ Collider, the Challenge Based Learning (CBL) initiative from the EuroTeQ Engineering University aims at brining learners together to collaborate to find solutions to solve real-world challenges. Linked to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), it builds on co-creation within our ecosystems to tackle societally relevant challenges across Europe while developing or improving your personal and professional skillset.

Collider is the chosen term to emphasize that the most creative and innovative solutions often emerge from the collision of ideas from a diverse group. 

The Collider takes place at all EuroTeQ partner universities in the form of project weeks/days. Specific details regarding contacts at each partner university can be found here

Interdisciplinary and international teams comprised of diverse learners are formed. These diverse learners collaborate on developing solutions with industry partners, start-ups, academics, governmental and societal institutions.

The Collider aims to provide an innovative learning experience to all, enabling them to build new competencies while elaborating viable solutions to support a sustainable future. 

The theme of the Collider is always based on a societally relevant topic. The Collider theme for 2023-2025 is Enhance Connections for sustainable futures.

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"Challenge Based learning is at the heart of EuroTeQ. I hope that in our Collider programme, you will let your minds collide and create something new. That you will give new insight into innovation and sustainability, which is at the core of the Collider."
Paul Koenraad
Dean of the Graduate School, Eindhoven University of Technology
The Collider process

The Collider process is comprehensive and inputs from diverse group of stakeholders are included in finalize on the theme. This is done to increase partner diversity and interdisciplinary collaboration within participant groups. This also results in an engaging and innovative learning experience for our Collider participants.

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Watch this short video to get a gist of the Collider: