On January 10th and 11th, 2024, the “Boost EuroTeQ Program for Experts for Learning and Professional Development” kick-off sessions took place. Nine participants from European universities, including TU Eindhoven, TalTech, DTU, and TUM, were introduced to the essential aspects of this innovative program.

The event, held within the framework of the Boost EuroTeQ project, had a clear objective: to support the lifelong learning journey of European professionals by conceptualizing new professional profiles. A primary focus was on conceptualizing training for learning professionals intending to qualify them as specialists in the scientific upskilling of engineers.

One key aspect of the program is a hybrid learning landscape consisting of a self-learning environment, virtual feedback sessions, and an in-person meeting in Munich. The program runs from January to April 2024 and requires a total commitment of approximately 20 hours.

Throughout this period, participants will gain insights into various topics, including:

  • Basics of adult pedagogy, didactics, and instructional design
  • Basic principles of learner-centered training concepts
  • Competence-oriented learning goals in their subject domain
  • On-site vs. hybrid vs. digital learning formats
  • The link between learning goals and learning formats
  • Evaluation

The Boost EuroTeQ Program for Experts promises a comprehensive understanding of these key topics and a practical approach to empower professionals to support the scientific upskilling of engineers effectively. We look forward to tracking the participants’ progress over the coming months.