On March 4th and 5th in Munich, the Boost EuroTeQ Program for Experts for Learning and Professional Development held a transformative onsite session following a self-learning journey since January. Participants from TU Eindhoven, TalTech, DTU, and TUM gained insights into program conception from their respective universities. The session explored competency’s role in curriculum development with Professor Daniel Pittich, and Pauline Wan presented real-world applications in Learning and Development at Rohde und Schwarz. Volker Kunze discussed disruptive technologies in adult education and conversations centered on the vital role of evaluation in lifelong learning programs.

Key Takeaways:

  • Competence orientation and hybrid learning landscapes discussions during the self-learning phase laid the groundwork for the onsite session.
  • Participants representing TU Eindhoven, TalTech, DTU, and TUM prepared presentations on assessing professionals’ developmental needs, market analysis for educational offers, and the use of educational technologies.

Practical Application and Future Development: The presentations, shaped by self-learning insights, will be further refined in the coming weeks. Thanks to the participants for their active engagement and fruitful discussions.

Deepened Understanding and Collaborative Spirit: The onsite session provided a profound understanding of competence, fostering collaboration across institutions. New perspectives emerged, transcending individual specialties.

As we look forward, we are excited about the continued impact and innovation these projects will bring to the professional landscape at the European universities of the EuroTeQ Engineering University Consortium. The Boost EuroTeQ Program for Experts is not just an educational initiative; it’s a dynamic catalyst propelling the evolution of lifelong learning.