On 23rd and 24th of March 2023, 35 participants from across the 6 EuroTeQ universities met to take stock of the different deliverables and activities in the field of lifelong learning (LLL).

Especially the work to describe a competence model, and how this model can inform our work to identify a model for developing offerings and learning paths was discussed, as well as the positive reception of a set of 21 Future Competences identified together with representatives from industry. Also our concept for “Open University” that describes how universities can most effectively enter into collaboration, partnerships and dialogue with different types of stakeholders from the ecosystem was presented with a set up best practices to guide and inspire us was presented. As part of addressing the active ecosystem, we’re also finding a joint approach to reaching out to and communicating with our alumni communities.

We are wrapping up the meeting by gathering the Heads of Lifelong Learning Departments/Institutes/Centres to ensure high level decision making in the field and making sure that agreements will be reached about forms of collaboration for the coming four years.