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The EuroTeQ Engineering University builds on the belief that societal developments of recent years call for strong university alliances to make the knowledge square of education, research, innovation and service to society a reality and its impact a benefit to Europe and beyond.

As six leading universities of science and technology, spread across Europe, situated in innovation eco-systems and with great collaboration experience, we are equipped to introduce a paradigm shift in the engineering education of the future, aspiring to responsible value co-creation in technology.

We have launched the EuroTeQ Engineering University in November 2020 and dynamically develop our activities. Be part of our endeavour and engineer the future with us!

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"We immediately had great chemistry at our first meeting in Brussels. An incredibly inspiring exchange on future engineering education, a firework of ideas, which soon led to a very viable concept for teaching formats, teaching content and the involvement of social stakeholders. I am very excited that our vision has become reality so quickly."
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Gerhard Müller
TUM Senior Vice President for Studies and Teaching

Our activities

The EuroTeQ Engineering University has five core activities:

(1) Building the EuroTeQ Campus, a platform for open education, delivering high-quality research-led teaching to a peer group of over 115,000 students. Our graduates will have intercultural and multilingual competences, an entrepreneurial mindset, think and act responsibly and be ready to lead a competitive and sustainable Europe into the future.

(2) Running the EuroTeQ Collider, building a community for students through a series of co-created, challenge-based projects and competitions (the EuroTeQaThon) including non-academic and lifelong learners.

(3) Ideating the EuroTeQ Professional, promoting active engagement with engineering professionals and a variety of stakeholders within our local eco-systems.

(4) Creating the EuroTeQ Connector, agile assessment of the interaction with different societal actors, ensuring the quality of the project and its impact.

(5) Ensuring EuroTeQ Sustainability & Outreach, which is an integral part of our ambition to create real impact Europe-wide, enabling other universities and stakeholders to follow our example, fostering technological progress and societal cohesion.