The unique potential of technical universities and their allies

Complementary strengths in providing education

Together, the EuroTeQ partners propose an unprecedented approach to collaborative education that not only brings together various countries, but also a broad coalition of stakeholders in industry, society and both academic and non-academic education, based on existing tight bonds between the six universities and their regional eco-systems.

With our initiatives, we will enhance today’s engineering study programmes with new core competences, transversal skills, design methodologies and structured links to relevant stakeholders. New ideas will occur from merging different perspectives, new groups of learners will enrich the diversity in the classroom that leads to innovation. 

Participating in EuroTeQ initiatives shall train learners to find answers to societal challenges, human needs and real world questions in a collaborative and responsible approach. We strongly believe that this European network will foster and strengthen European values by enabling young citizens to meet their peers, and inviting the entire university-family to make connections across Europe.

All learners, academics, staff members and external partners are invited to join our activities and the EuroTeQ spirit of change.

Building a European campus

Together, we will build a EuroTeQ Campus, with a joint course catalogue, physical and virtual mobility programmes for students and introduce challenge-based projects.

Lifelong learning

We will create a continuing education stream, with individual and flexible study plans, micro-credentials, a EuroTeQ Honours Degree and co-create lifelong learning formats with industry.

Learning labs

Our community of EuroTeQ teachers will develop, evaluate and exchange best practices on new and innovative ways of teaching – tailor-made for a generation of digital natives.

Building on joint research excellence

Within the EuroTeQ Engineering University, we will build on the strong links in research and innovation and the already established and active research community of the six partners. They all have an excellent reputation in the European research landscape and have been successful with the acquisition of EU funding.

The EuroTeQ research community is continuously growing. In their focus is the new EuroTeQ Collider, our challenge-based project weeks with societal relevance, as well as the EuroTeQ Connector, the co-creative approach of the project and the dynamic interaction between stakeholders.

Multiple research projects have been launched and do not only ensure the quality of the cooperation, but feed into collaborative teaching formats. Through this mechanism, we make sure that there are effective feedback loops from research back to education.

With relevant research results and scientific outputs that may transform the engineering education as we know it and possibly the European Higher Education Area, we will engage in a dialogue with other European alliances, as well as politics on the local, national and European level. Our research agenda will promote EuroTeQ’s ambition to introduce a transformative process in education and embed EuroTeQ in the Knowledge Square of Education, Research, Innovation and Service to Society.  

For more information on research activities in five fast developing Focus Areas, and support mechanisms to build research proposals, visit the website of the EuroTech Universities Alliance.