Serving current, past and future generations of learners

At the Porto Social Summit held on 7 and 8 May 2021, the European head of states and governments set the ambitious target that at least 60% of adults should attend training courses every year by 2030. The demand for lifelong learning replies to the growing number of employees who need to update their skills and competences in rapidly changing work environments. EuroTeQ is ready to take on this challenge and offer interdisciplinary, cross-border comparable, high-quality, and learner-centered continuing education paths that cater to the dynamic needs of the European job market.  

Next to our excellent education with flexible study paths on Bachelor, Master, and Doctoral level, we offer short-term learning and qualification formats for vocational trainees pursuing a technical career and for professionals for continued learning. 

Stay tuned for more information on Lifelong Learning offerings from the EuroTeQ Engineering University in the coming months.

Create a continuing education stream

Technologies and technological applications change fast over time. To keep the workforce on top of the state-of-the-art knowledge, each EuroTeQ partner has developed continuing education formats with their local eco-systems. Together, there is a great variety of certified blended and full online programs ready for lifelong learners. These can be combined with on-campus learning expeditions, such as the EuroTeQ Collider.

Together with our associated partners from industry we offer formats that meet the needs of employer and employee in the best way.

Follow this link for further information on how we cooperate with our ecosystem.

The competence areas for the EuroTeQ Professional of the future

In a world where society and technology evolve rapidly, the need for professional skills will continue to change. To make sure the skills of engineering professionals are still relevant in a fast-changing world, it is necessary to move away from the traditional view of education as “once-in-a-lifetime time” format. We need to enter a new paradigm where we embed education continuously and throughout the careers of professionals. To do so we have identified 21 future competence areas for the EuroTeQ professional of the future, to ensure that the skills of the workforce match the needs of the industry, the larger eco-systems, and the society in general at any time.

If you want to know more about each competence area, please click on the area you find interesting to finde out more.

EuroTeQ Professional

The label EuroTeQ Professional can be earned by academic, vocational and professional learners, showing specific competences earned by completing a set of especially designed and combined qualification offers: 

  • EuroTeQ Professional Academic Track;
  • EuroTeQ Vocational Track;
  • EuroTeQ Continuing Education Track

The EuroTeQ Professional will be awarded to students that accomplish 20 ECTS within the EuroTeQ Engineering University: (i) The EuroTeQ Professional Academic Track for university students. They have to take 10 ECTS abroad. (ii) The EuroTeQ Vocational Track for students from vocational training. They have to complete one Collider and one additional format. (iii) The EuroTeQ Continuing Education Track for lifelong learners. They have to complete one Collider and one additional format.


Carla Albrecht-Hengerer

Project Manager
Technical University of Munich

Patrick Lenz

Upskilling Strategy
Technical University of Munich