The EuroTeQaThon is the final event bringing selected teams from all partner universities together to and celebrate their creativity and innovative ideas! They get together at one location for a two-day workshop to talk about their projects and showcase their work in front of a jury. Every team will pitch their project. From all participating teams, three most innovative, impactful, and ready to launch projects will take the first place. This is the culmination to see what EuroTeQ has been doing on the theme “Enhance connections”. 

The fourth EuroTeQaThon will take place on June 8-10 at École Polytechnique, Paris. 

The third EuroTeQaThon took place at Prague and the video below gives an overview of the pitches and the competition. 

The results of the EuroTeQaThon 2023/Prague:


Impact category winner is The Himalayan Legos team, Technical University of Munich.

Innovation category winners are Space Junk JuggernautsEindhoven University of Technology.

Ready to launch category winner is SoftAware team, Technical University of Munich.

EuroTeQ Ignite Bootcamp

The EuroTeQ Ignite Bootcamp has been introduced to take forward the ideas and concepts generated from the Colliders at the partner Universities and the EuroTeQathon. The main aim of this bootcamp is to support the process of all-round growth for selected teams and interested individuals. A tailored program stimulates them to find the right vehicle for their innovation and the next step towards realization or implementation of developed concept. ​In this way, the spark ignited by EuroTeQ towards the  next steps that the students want to take is nurtured. This may be supporting the entrepreneurial spirit of the students or guiding them towards further research possibilities or stimulate students to continue their intrapreneurial journey.

With the Ignite Bootcamp, we will go one step further and increase the ability for the student teams to make their ideas concrete. The Bootcamp develops on our aim of fostering diversity by also supporting diverse pathways that the student may choose to develop their idea further.

EuroTeQ has two strong Partners: HEC and IESE to help with entrepreneurial journeys of learners. Together with the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center of IESE, post-Collider bootcamps such as a business-oriented training opportunity will be developed and organized.

For learners who want to take a different route, an inventory of the incubator activities, research labs and processes within the EuroTeQ partner institutions will be available to support and connect the relevant personnel to jointly support their future journeys’.