We are proud to have the support of 45 associated partners at regional, national and EU levels. Are you interested in joining our project as a partner? We welcome your participation in our many activities.

Collaborative teaching

Join us as a partner in a collaborative teaching project. We offer many courses with an application approach. Our EuroTeQ Teaching Fund explicitly aims at projects in cooperation with a stakeholder outside the university.

Collaborate on a Challenge

Engage with students during Collider, innovative project weeks that we offer in a Challenge-based learning setting. We invite your trainees and professionals to join our international teams and jointly work on real-life projects.

Advisory Board

As an associated partner, you will be part of our Local Advisory Board or European Advisory Board and can help us transform the engineering education of the future.

Explore & engage!

You have an idea for us or are not sure how to get involved? Get in touch with a  member of the EuroTeQ Student Council or Secretariat and they will surely connect you.