Developing innovative pedagogies

Within the EuroTeQ Learning Lab, we want to connect our teaching community with experts of innovative pedagogy. We aim to implement tools for a regular exchange of best practices and concepts of teaching methods. Together, we will create strategies how to train the trainers and best equip our teachers with new techniques to produce digital content and principles to experiment with new ways of teaching, tailor-made for a new generation of digitally native learners.

“A modern engineering education must provide students not only with in-depth technical knowledge but also with an extended educational horizon, an entrepreneurial mindset and sociopolitical sensitivity.”
Thomas F. Hofmann
President Technical University of Munich

EuroTeQ Teaching Fund

The Teaching Fund aims to promote an open educational approach, providing innovative formats for and together with European partners.

We are primarily support blended learning approaches or virtual teaching formats that act as a catalyst for interaction between disciplines as well as contribute to the understanding of value creation processes. These can be existing course offerings that take up the EuroTeQ idea or new formats to be developed, such as a Micro-credential – a new form of qualification for specific competencies.

No open calls available now! Please ask your university’s Learning Lab contact about support options.

Learn more about ongoing collaborative teaching and learning projects and see what has been funded with the EuroTeQ Teaching Fund in the past. See the details of the Call 2021, where over 25 projects received funding.

Forum for Teachers

To help our teachers to develop, test and implement innovative teaching & learning formats and content, we have established this forum to aid  you to have better opportunities to:

  • Find partners for teaching projects or for other collaborations;
  • Tackle teaching challenges together;
  • Share best teaching practices.

Teaching Events

All EuroTeQ partners invite teachers to participate in a various events specially for university teachers to learn, exchange experience, to get new ideas to improve teaching and to innovate. Have a look at upcoming events, such as workshops, seminars, conferences, meetings and best practice exchanges in the field of teaching and learning.

Pilot student challenge: Additive manufacturing of a lower limb prosthesis

In the winter semester 2020/2021, EuroTech Universities Alliance piloted an inter-university course catalogue that included also three virtual challenges for student teams.

The goal of a challenge in additive manufacturing was for the students to develop an innovative, resource-saving prototype that would primarily benefit prosthesis wearers in countries of the global south. The teams designed a concept for a simple model that could be developed quickly and inexpensively while meeting high quality standards. The selection of suitable materials played a decisive role, as these must guarantee the unrestricted functionality of the various prosthesis components.

The students successfully investigated how plastic and metallic materials are created with the help of a 3D printer, in order to develop and produce a demonstration model for a prosthetic leg under the conditions that prevail in a developing and emerging country.

Rendering of a prosthesis foot design © TUM
I was very impressed by the students' commitment and creative ideas in approaching the task. It was a great pleasure to see how much fun the students had working together in international teams.
Professor Peter Mayr
TUM Chair of Materials Engineering


Kersti Matiisen

Tallinn University of Technology

Latifa Berkous

École Polytechnique

Andreas Fleischmann

Technical University of Munich

Wilma Groenendaal

Eindhoven University of Technology

Pavel Ripka

Czech Technical University in Prague

Ditte Strunge Sass 

Technical University of Denmark