EuroTeQ Teaching Fund

Call for application 2021

The EuroTeQ Teaching Fund supports teachers at the EuroTeQ partner universities in the realization of digital teaching projects in cooperation with European partners.

CTU and TUM are the first to launch an open call for applications for funding in 2021. The application deadline was April 30, 2021.

The next call across all partner universities will belaunched in the beginning of 2022.

Our goal

The EuroTeQ Engineering University strives to foster collaboration between six strong Technical Universities and 45 associated partners in order to incorporate the European spirit in a future-proof and innovative engineering education. Together, we want to build an open EuroTeQ Campus that connects teachers and learners across countries and disciplines. The EuroTeQ Teaching Fund aims to promote an open educational approach, providing innovative formats for and together with European partners.

We are primarily looking for blended learning approaches or virtual teaching formats that act as a catalyst for interaction between disciplines as well as contribute to the understanding of value creation processes. These can be existing course offerings that take up the EuroTeQ idea or new formats to be developed, such as a micro-credential – a new form of qualification for specific competencies.

The new formats will

  • invite and integrate students of the EuroTeQ partners into your digital (online) or blended  course
  • develop and pilot new teaching format and offer it to partner universities
  • cooperate with teachers of  one or more EuroTeQ partners
  • cooperate with an associated project partner (, GasNet, PRE and Workswell companies)

See the eligibility criteria and the detailed call for applications at CTU. Here, the EuroTeQ Teaching Fund will support courses taught in English. Examples for funded projects are:

  • Innovative teaching materials which will be ready to use in course open for students from all partner universities in digital or blended form in a school year 2021/22 (example of blended form: Lectures and simulations in distant form followed by intense hands-on laboratory course for 1 week).
  • Innovative teaching materials for courses that run simultaneously at two or more partner  universities, the project team includes people from these universities.

See the eligibility criteria and the detailed call for applications at TUM. For a successful application at TUM, at least two of the following criteria should be met:

  • The project aims to try out and explore new perspectives and approaches in engineering education
  • The course is open to European students from all partners
  • Cooperation with faculty of EuroTeQ partners to develop and deliver collaborative teaching formats, taking into account intercultural perspectives
  • The new format enables students to collaborate in a digital and interactive learning environment
  • It enables students to experience digital engineering education through the implementation of a competency-based approach
Exchange of best practice

The EuroTeQ Teaching Fund is a core element of the new EuroTeQ Engineering University. It is a clear commitment to intra-European cooperation in higher education – to combine strengths and create synergies. Together with the partners, we want to build a community for teachers – the EuroTeQ Learning Labs – to exchange ideas, share ideas for innovative teaching and cooperate in teaching and research projects. We expect all Teaching Fund grantees to be open to engaging in dialogue with partners, participating in or  leading workshops, and driving collaboration in the EuroTeQ project.


Micro-credentials refer to small teaching or educational units that, when completed, have a stand-alone value and clear learning outcome. Procedures and standards for the assessment and recognition of learning objectives are currently being developed at EU-level. The EuroTeQ Engineering University wants to be actively involved in this process and be an agenda-setter in the European Higher Education Area. Therefore, we support and accompany teachers who want to pilot a micro-credential in order to make them an internationally recognized format. 


The project will be evaluated upon completion to assess need, quality, added value, and potential for campus-wide scalability and possible transfer to EuroTeQ partners.