In recent years, we’ve witnessed outstanding projects and innovative ideas presented at local Colliders and the EuroTeQaThon. Participants have expressed keen interest in advancing their innovative proposals towards real life, and the Ignite Bootcamp has been established to support them in this endeavor.


About the Ignite Bootcamp

The Ignite Bootcamp, organized by IESE Business School – a pioneer and world leader top-ranked institution in MBA and executive education – focuses on innovation and entrepreneurship. Each EuroTeQ partner university will nominate one team to participate in this intensive 4-day bootcamp in Barcelona 27-31 July 2024.

Selection Criteria

Teams are chosen based on the following criteria:

Innovation and Impact: Projects are evaluated for their level of innovation and potential impact while taking part within the EuroTeQaThon in Paris. Teams that are close to launching prototypes or products/solutions in the market are given priority.

Motivation: Universities assess the teams’ motivation to receive additional skills provided during the Ignite Bootcamp.

Empowering Teams

The primary goal of the bootcamp is to empower participating teams by equipping them with essential tools for innovation and entrepreneurship. Specifically, the focus is on providing resources to validate and kickstart the path to market for their groundbreaking ideas presented at their local EuroTeQ Collider and the joint EuroTeQaThon.

Below are some reasons why teams should consider joining the Ignite Bootcamp

  1. Skill Enhancement: Participants will significantly boost their innovative and entrepreneurial skills set. The bootcamp imparts practical knowledge, fostering a deeper understanding of tools and methodologies crucial for validating and launching technology-driven sustainability business ideas.
  2. Networking Opportunities: Engage with teams from other EuroTeQ Universities, industry experts, mentors, IESE professors, and executive professionals during the bootcamp. This provides valuable input and excellent networking opportunities.
  3. Professional Growth: Beyond innovation and entrepreneurship tools, the bootcamp serves as a platform for substantial professional growth. Participants can enhance their leadership, communication, problem-solving skills, and develop an action-oriented mindset.
Selection Process
  • Every university will shortlist one team to participate in the Ignite Bootcamp.
  • Teams shortlisted for the Ignite Bootcamp will be shared at the EuroTeQaThon after the announcement of the category winners.
  • The procedure can vary between universities but the most relevant criteria for Bootcamp participation are the: innovation, impact, and motivation.
  • In 2024 each team should be a Collider team and one of the selected EuroTeQaThon teams.
  • Participants will receive the invitation and attend the bootcamp at the IESE north campus in Barcelona.


Eligibility and Duration

Teams must consist of a minimum of 3 participants and a maximum of 5. Individual participation is not accepted. The bootcamp spans 4.5 equivalent full days from the 26 until the 31 July 2024, including workshops, expert talks, mentoring sessions, and teamwork, providing a rich entrepreneurship and innovation experience.