Our vision

We share the conviction that the societal developments of recent years call for new approaches in equipping our graduates with the necessary skills and competences, which are relevant for shaping a sustainable future that offers high quality of living, equal opportunities, and economic growth.

We know that the challenges at hand are best addressed together with like-minded partners that not only share the overall ambition, but also contribute complementary expertise and perspectives through international, inter-institutional and interdisciplinary diversity.

We feel that Europe has to strive to reconfirm and defend its values, and we as universities have to take our responsibility by preparing the future generation with transdisciplinary perspectives and holistic approaches of problem solving and outreach to society.

Our goals

To shape by 2030 the leading Europe-wide eco-system for collaborative responsible value creation in technology.

To be by 2030 the role model university network to include all relevant stakeholders in technological innovation processes.

To be by 2030 the leading international network for education in science and technology, anchoring the knowledge square in European values.

Our mission

To bring our efforts to a new level, we, the Partner Universities of EuroTeQ Engineering University, are prepared:

To significantly adapt our respective structures and processes where necessary,

To build unprecedented forms of collaborative frameworks and actions, and

To open our development process and the related learnings to the members of our institutions as well as to stakeholders in our respective eco-systems, in Europe, and beyond.

In our unprecedented approach, we will

Build the EuroTeQ Campus, to tackle open education and create added value for students, staff, teachers and researchers;

Run the EuroTeQ Collider, challenge-based project weeks that integrate research and innovation, foster co-creation and present a holistic approach for a human-centred engineering;

Implement a research agenda to nurture co-creation and societal cohesion, identify and monitor specific features at the Partners’ eco-systems and to implement an approach to quality assurance that includes a broad societal perspective;

Ensure EuroTeQ sustainability & outreach, which will make sure that the experiences and learnings gained will be made available, as to initiate change is a central part of our mission.

We understand our endeavour to re-engineer our universities as a long-term development strategy that will transform our institutions beyond any project term. It is our ambition to promote these integration efforts in technology education and training through a comprehensive alliance of stakeholders from academia, industry, society, politics, the regions, and others.

Together, we will promote and future-proof innovation and economic growth, inclusiveness and openness, responsible thinking and acting based on European values.