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...a student at one of the EuroTeQ partner universities

Online courses

Browse our EuroTeQ course catalogue and join selected courses and student challenges offered by the partner universities! The courses mostly take place online.

Student competitions

Participate in the EuroTeQ student competitions! A hackathon, the Collider and EuroTeQaThon – our offers are challenge-based and fun!

Mobility programme

Six exciting cities and campuses are waiting for you. Spend some time abroad at another EuroTeQ partner university with the aid of our mobility programmes!

Lifelong learning

Continue your education with EuroTeQ and take a course that interests you and certifies special competences that add to your CV. Check our micro-credentials and EuroTeQ Professional tracks.

EuroTeQ Collider

Join the EuroTeQ Collider, our annual project weeks in cooperation with our industry partners that end with a great competition and where you receive a certificate for your professional portfolio.