EuroTeQ micro-credentials

Micro-credentials are your way to gain additional competences and get it certified. Whether you are studying at one of the EuroTeQ partner universities or are a professional looking to extend your knowledge in a particular topic, this is for you. Boost your CV and benefit from access to the offers of some of the best universities of science and technology.

European Commission’s requirements

According to the European Commission a micro-credential is « a proof of the learning outcomes that a learner has acquired following a short learning experience. These learning outcomes have been assessed against transparent standards. »
The proof is contained in a certified document that lists the name of the holder, the achieved learning outcomes, the assessment method, the awarding body and, where applicable, the qualifications framework level and the credits gained.


  • are owned by the learner,
  • can be shared, are portable and may be combined into larger credentials or qualifications. They are underpinned by quality assurance following agreed standards.
EuroTeQ focus

Within EuroTeQ, micro-credentials serve as a vehicle for flexible and extra-curricular learning offers that

1. address competences that go beyond the typical core curricula,
2. provide insights into the essence of other disciplines creating a basis for transdisciplinary cooperation or
3. lay the basis for collaboratively handling societal challenges,
4. link technical aspects with entrepreneurial or business competencies or
5. address a cross-cutting theme that is potentially relevant for various disciplines.

Micro-credentials merge different perspectives of the various backgrounds of learners and teachers and are linked with a distinct, targeted learning experience with clearly defined learning outcomes that are assessed against transparent standards. Within our European University, we bring together different types of learners from various countries, which safeguards the fostering of intercultural competencies.

All EuroTeQ partners offer selected micro-credentials for EuroTeQ students and professionals.

  • CTU (Czech Technical University in Prague, Czech Republic)
  • DTU (Technical University of Denmark)
  • L’X (École Polytechnique, France)
  • TalTech (Tallinn University of Technology, Estonia)
  • TU/e (Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands)
  • TUM (Technical University of Munich, Germany)

EuroTeQ micro-credentials will be offered in English. The micro-credentials are mostly online. Some may be offered in hybrid or blended form.

A quick explanation of these terms:

  • hybrid = participants can attend online or in person at the offering university
  • blended = the course is largely online but there may be face-to-face elements

If taking place completely online, they can be either time-specific (synchronous) or not time-specific (asynchronous).

The workload and number of ECTS may be adapted to the learner needs and capacities (student, professional) but will generally range between 2 and 10 ECTS.

EuroTeQ students

You have the opportunity to gain additional targeted, up-to-date competences, offered by experts from various excellent European technological universities and gain an international experience in this process. The learning outcomes are awarded with an independent certificate that, in the future, can be stacked with other credentials to a EuroTeQ Honours Degree.

When the course is completed successfully and the learning outcomes have been transparently assessed, you will be awarded the EuroTeQ micro-credential. We provide an independent, digital credential, evidencing the learning outcomes that can be shared online in relevant portfolios (such as Europass, LinkedIn etc). The EuroTeQ project team will issue the digital micro-credential in close collaboration with your teachers.

The EuroTeQ Micro-credential registration and the EuroTeQ course catalogue registration follow the same process. The call for the courses listed below has currently closed. We are processing registrations. The next call is expected in May 2023.

CTU: CTU students who are interested in taking a EuroTeQ micro-credential, please contact Andrea Vavřinová –

DTU: DTU students who are interested in taking a EuroTeQ micro-credential can register by filling out this form. Please be aware that you cannot follow a micro-credential course if it is offered by DTU or offered in the EuroTeQ course catalogue. In these cases you can only sign up for the course as a part of your full time degree. If you have any questions, please send an e-mail to: We will make sure to pass on your data to the host institution, and they will contact you to complete the registration process.

École Polytechnique: L’X students, please read the information available on the Moodle’s platform: check for eligibility and follow the steps for registration.

TalTech: TalTech students who are interested in registering for a EuroTeQ micro-credential, please contact Ms Kerli Roosimaa ( for more information.

Technion: Technion students who are interested in registering for a EuroTeQ micro-credential, please contact Technion International Office: Bat-el Almogy, at

TU/e: TU/e students who are interested in taking a EuroTeQ micro-credential, please send an e-mail to We will then help you start your registration.

TUM: TUM students who are interested in taking a EuroTeQ micro-credential, please see here.

There are indeed parallels with the EuroTeQ course catalogue which offers courses for students, too, but the main difference concerns the credential which is received after successful completion:

  • A micro-credential is an independent digital credential.
  • A course from the catalogue on the other hand will lead to a Transcript of Records that can be used in the context of a Bachelor or Master programme.


Technologies and technological applications change fast over time. Lifelong learning and constant upskilling is therefore indispensable to be successful in your career. To keep professionals on top of the state-of-the-art knowledge, each EuroTeQ partner has developed continuing education formats with their local eco-systems.

EuroTeQ micro-credentials are an important element of the learning paths for lifelong learners from different professional backgrounds. We develop the offer in a continuous co-creation process with industry and professional bodies to make sure that the defined paths are target group focused, agile and flexible.

The learning experience is awarded by official universities with ECTS, is stackable and envisaged to be granted in a digital wallet (unique certificate). You apply at a specific EuroTeQ university for a micro-credential offer. Please note that for professional participants, costs may apply.

Professional participants can enrol for the micro-credential offer through the institution that is offering the course. Please find the contact address and other details in the list below:

  • CTU: Please send an e-mail to

  • DTU: Professionals please register here. When registering: Please be aware that you need to write “micro-credential” in the comment/remark field in order to obtain your EuroTeQ diploma after completing the course.

  • École Polytechnique: Currently no offers for professionals

  • TalTech: Please send an e-mail to

  • TU/e: Professional learners may register through this form. Questions may be addressed to

  • TUM: Please send an email to

List of available micro-credentials for students

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TitleUniversityFormatStart/end dateAcademic yearDescription

Connected Objects and the Internet of Things

Includes the following elements:

- Computer Networking & Distributed Applications

- Connected Objects and the Internet of Things

L'Xonline; asynchronous01/09/2022-

2022/23 winter term;

2023 summer term

» download


Includes the following elements:

- Network Security

- Cybersecurity — the Hacker eXperience

- Computer Networking & Distributed Applications

L'Xonline; asynchronous01/09/2022-

2022/23 winter term;

2023 summer term

» download

Essentials of Digital Health

TalTechonline; synchronous06/03/2023-
2023 summer term

» download

Project Management


2022/23 winter term

» download

Student challenge: Digitainability 4.0

TUMonline; synchronous01/04/2023-
2023 summer term

» download

List of available micro-credentials for professionals

On mobile devices, you might need to swipe to see the full table.

TitleUniversityFormatStart/end date



Certified Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology Manager

TUMonline; synchronous01/10/2023-


» download

Data Science



» download

Data Science in Political Communication






» download

Developing Leadership in and for Technology Focused Teams



» download

Digital Transformation & Entrepreneurship

TUMon campus12/06/2023-


» download

Essentials of Digital Health

TalTechonline; synchronous06/03/2023-


» download

Microwave Engineering & Antennas

TU/eonline; synchronous & asynchronous14/11/2022-


» download

Person responsible for legal compliance according to EU Regulation 2017/745 (MDR) and its role in companies



» download

Project Management



» download

RF millimeter-wave Circuit Design

TU/eonline; synchronous & asynchronous06/02/2023-


» download

Smart farming & iOT



» download

Last update: 16 November 2022

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