EuroTeQ Teaching Fund Projects 2021

  • Digitainability for EuroTeQ Universities, Student challenge to promote digitalization and sustainability at EuroTeQ Universities providing specific micro-credentials for participants, Prof. Dr Stefan Wurster & Dr. Markus B. Siewert
  • Biomimetic Challenge, Development of an interdisciplinary, highly digital collaborative program to introduce students from various disciplines to teamworking on nature-inspired solutions, Prof. Dr. Harald Luksch
  • Introduction to Sustainable Production – A Sense of Urgency, We will pilot a micro-credential in the area of Sustainable Production, Prof. Dr. Michael Zäh & Dr. Susanne Vernim
  • LOOP: Approaches, theories and practice of the Circular Economy, Development of a teaching module in the format of a micro-credential focusing on the topic of the circular economy, Prof. Dr. Magnus Fröhling together with DTU colleagues
  • Biothermodynamics: an innovative micro-credential, connecting life, natural and engineering sciences across EuroTeQ campuses, Micro-credential in Biothermodynamics, Prof. Dr. Mirjana Minceva & Marko Popovic together with EPFL
  • Remote Energy Lab – Redox Flow Battery, International lab course with remote experiments, Prof. Dr.-Ing Matthias Gaderer & Daniel Klüh together with CTU and TalTech
  • Additive Manufacturing of the Future (AMore), the course will present a framework for reinventing and designing products using the potential of Additive Manufacturing, Prof. Dr. Peter Mayr together with DTU, BMW and UnternehmerTUM
  • Challenge-Based Learning in Design Computing, Henri Achten
  • Automotive Transmissions – new teaching formats, Gabriela Achtenova
  • Remote energy labs, Tomáš Bílý
  • Lecture caffè, Mattia Butta
  • Agile Bootcamp, Libor Cupal
  • Micro-credentials for Machine Learning, Boris Flach
  • Interactive notebooks for a course on quantum computing, Aurel Gabris
  • Virtual laboratory for electrical measurements, Diana Hrakova
  • Leading technology innovation projects through practice in Pandemic time, Marek Jemala
  • Air Traffic Control and Radiotelephony Simulator for Remote Teaching, Milan Kamenik
  • Creation of an online library for Circuit Technology courses, Yann Kowalczuk
  • Interactive jupyter notebooks, Dmytro Miskhin
  • Visual design – fusion of arts and technology, Kateřina Nováková
  • Transportation graph algorithms, Alena Rybičková
  • Multidisciplinary field course without teacher assistance as tool for distance format teaching for contact subjects, Tomáš Štor
  • EuroTeQ Structural Steel Virtual Excursion, František Wald 
  • Modern Methods of Optimization+, Jan Zeman

Find more information on these courses on the CTU website

  • Sustainable cellulose derivates,  Prof. Andres Krumme
  • Introduction to programming, Ago Luberg
  • Genome informatics, Prof. Olli-Pekka Smolander
  • Biomedical Microelectromechanical Systems (BioMEMS),  Tamas Pardy
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EuroTeQ – a prestige project of the European Commission

The European Universities Initiative is one of the European Commission’s most prestigious funding schemes. The objective of this instrument is to establish ambitious European university alliances over the next few years that will make the European university landscape even stronger. The EU is funding EuroTeQ as part of its European Universities programme over three years with around five million euros through Erasmus+ and two million euros from Horizon 2020.

Co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union

Co-funded by the Horizon 2020 Programme of the European Union

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