The event will take place on Tuesday, 28 June at 1pm CET in FELCafé, Technická 1902/2. The participants will be given a fixed slot (max. 5 minutes, max. 10 slides) to present their projects and courses. Refreshments provided onsite.

The following participants will give presentations:

doc. Ing. Michal Jandera, Ph.D.

Stainless Steel and Aluminium Structures Online

Mgr. Diana Hrakova

Virtual Laboratory for electrical measurements – continuation of ongoingproject TF 2021

Ing. Yann Kowalczuk

Implementation of a remote access to existing laboratory measurement devices

Ing. Lucie Hlavůňková

Modern methods of surface texture analysis and space and volume parameters

Ing. Libor Beránek, Ph.D.

The use of Computational Tomography in quality part inspection within Quality class

Ing. David Zumr, Ph.D.

Soil Physics for Engineers –

Ing. arch. Lenka Maierová, Ph.D.

Light and Illumination for Human Health – Realm Life Appl

Ing. Libor Cupal

Agile Bootcamp

Ing. arch. Kateřina Nováková, Ph.D.

3D printed shelters for refugees