Join us now and share your ideas!

Calling students, teachers, academics, professionals, trainees and lifelong learners to share your ideas and spark the next EuroTeQ Collider.

The Collider is a challenged-based learning format, which places a high emphasis on tackling 21st century challenges. The Collider is an integral part of the offerings of the EuroTeQ Engineering University. It is preceded by a Call for Ideas to co-construct the theme and define the sub-categories the teams will work on during the Collider.
EuroTeQ Collider Theme 2023-2025: Enhance connections!

The Call for Ideas is open to anyone interested until October 31st, 2023. 

The Call for Ideas is a unique chance to help us design an educational activity that is based on our shared interest, so join and tell us what you wish to tackle during our Collider project weeks. Our partners will then help bring your ideas to life through their challenges!

As part of this Call for Ideas for the EuroTeQ Collider Theme 2023-2025: Enhance connections! we hope to explore what connections mean to people and how they can be enhanced to create sustainable futures.

By bringing in your own ideas, you will help us to create real-life challenges that learners can work on in an international and diverse team. The Collider is designed to be an inclusive experience for lifelong learning where everyone involved can develop competences and skills relevant for their (future) work life.

In our quest to be as inclusive as possible, it is important that as many people as possible submit their ideas, so that we can grasp what Europeans really want and shape our educational offer accordingly.

So fill in the short form (5 min.),  be creative and wild, your imagination is encouraged!

Are you intrigued? Find out more information on the EuroTeQ Collider.

If you want to get in touch here are the local contacts:

Eindhoven University of Technology – Lianne de Jong

Technical University of Denmark – Christina Jespersen  

Tallinn University of Technology – Karl-Erik Karu and Ethel Praks

Technical University of Munich – Veronica Becker

Czech Technical University – Henri Achten

Ecole Polytechnique – Elise Herlicq