This February, the European Commission selected our proposal “BoostEuroTeQ” for 2 million Euros of complementary Horizon 2020 funding. On September 15, the Kick-Off Workshop hosted by TU Munich officially launched this side project of the EuroTeQ Engineering University. Multiple complementary actions will focus on the research and innovation dimension of our European University.

The overall vision of the EuroTeQ Engineering University is to become the leading eco-system for collaborative responsible value creation in technology. This means including all relevant stakeholders in the technological innovation processes. EuroTeQ is thus developing innovative teaching formats together with representatives of industry and society. Students, vocational trainees and lifelong learners are invited to acquire new skills and competences to be ready for the future job market.

However, to achieve the long-term goal, an education agenda alone is not enough. EuroTeQ will address all elements of the Knowledge Square: Teaching, research, scientific innovation and interaction with society.

With the additional Horizon 2020 funding, BoostEuroTeQ strongly builds on synergies with the education-focused activities (funded by Erasmus+) to reinforce institutional change towards responsible research and innovation. Our goal is to enable individuals in technology value creation to interact with stakeholders of the wider society and ensure desirable and socially robust pathways for societal transformation.

Kick-Off Workshop and next steps

The Kick-Off on September 15 brought together over 30 colleagues from all partner institutions focused on making BoostEuroTeQ a success. A clear roadmap for achieving the projects goals was discussed and ways of working together were defined.

During the next three years, the project team will work on two main dimensions: implementing new professional profiles and enabling societal transformation. The coordinating TUM Institute for Lifelong Learning will develop a training concept for learning professionals together with its European counterparts. The partners will analyze the developmental needs of the engineers of the future and, as a result, develop tailor-made concepts to support their lifelong learning journey.

Empirical work will be the basis to form recommendations on how the EuroTeQ Engineering University can successfully shape societal transformation by using co-creation practices. Under the guidance of the Munich Center for Technology in Society (MCTS), we will create a EuroTeQ Co-Creation Manifesto on institutional strategies that will enhance the evolution of responsibility practices at each of the technical universities. Furthermore, BoostEuroTeQ supports the development of learning networks to increase co-creation practices in each community and develop a roadmap for the upscaling of co-creation teaching practices at our partner institutions.

“The whole team is extremely motivated and excited to be able to collaborate on a European level” says Sandra Dirnberger, BoostEuroTeQ project manager. “We will carry out scientific work which is aimed at implementing practices that accelerate the development of sustainable lifelong learning practices for engineers. It is a true add-on to the already ambitious tasks EuroTeQ has taken on in the past year.” BoostEuroTeQ will thus strengthen the partners in their paradigm shift towards responsible value co-creation in technology.

Follow EuroTeQ developments and get involved

To secure its long-term sustainability, the EuroTeQ project partners are always exploring new forms of collaboration in higher education, research and innovation. Looking at the strong track record in collaborative projects of the EuroTech Universities Alliance, we are well-prepared to make optimal use of additional funding instruments with a view to bridging efforts. If you are interested to explore synergies and want to start a cooperation with the partners, please get in touch with the EuroTech Brussels Office which also offers regular workshops to introduce funding instruments, e.g. within Horizon Europe and facilitate connections.

If you want to keep up to date regarding EuroTeQ and BoostEuroTeQ news and activities? Visit us on LinkedIn.

Interested to engage in this activity? Please get in touch with our BoostEuroTeQ Project manager Sandra Dirnberger.

Sandra Dirnberger
Project Manager BoostEuroTeQ

Technical University of Munich
TUM Institute for LifeLong Learning
Executive & Professional Education

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EuroTeQ – a prestige project of the European Commission

The European Universities Initiative is one of the European Commission’s most prestigious funding schemes. The objective of this instrument is to establish ambitious European university alliances over the next few years that will make the European university landscape even stronger. The EU is funding EuroTeQ as part of its European Universities programme over three years with around five million euros through Erasmus+ and two million euros from Horizon 2020.

Co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union

Co-funded by the Horizon 2020 Programme of the European Union

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