Last November, students had an opportunity once again to apply for virtual courses offered by the six EuroTeQ partner institutions. The second round of the EuroTeQ Course Catalogue proudly listed 89 courses. Of those, there were 15 entrepreneurship courses, and 13 language and intercultural courses. Besides an increasing number of courses being offered by partner institutions, the second round also included a new offering of 4 courses by our associated partner Technion in Israel.

In the second round, once again we mostly focused on virtual courses. However, partners were also encouraged to offer hybrid courses (EuroTeQ students online, home students on campus) or blended courses (mainly online for all students, but with face-to-face elements). In total, we received 536 applications from students!

We’re very happy to see that the newly added offer by Technion also attracted a good number of incoming students, and that students from Technion were also applying for courses at our partners.
Bat-el Almogy

“Technion values the partnership as an opportunity to engage our students withglobal experience and further academic collaborations. We are excited to offer Technion students the opportunity to study at some of the best European universities and are happy to see the interest Technion courses generate with our partners. We hope to see this collaboration widen in the coming semesters, in hopes of offering a larger number of courses and recognizing more European courses here at Technion”, says Bat-el Almogy from Technion.

Virtual exchange

Especially TalTech and l’X saw an increase in incoming students. TU/e students also showed an increased interest in courses at partner institutions compared to the first round. Students from CTU seem especially interested in taking courses at one of our partner institutions, specifically at l’X, TalTech and TUM.

“We are proud of our students joining the EuroTeQ Course Catalogue in such large numbers and that they like its offer. It is a unique opportunity for them to study courses at leading technical universities and to have a new experience in their life. We are very delighted that CTU can welcome many incoming students from partner universities as well”, says Andrea Vavrinova from CTU.

Andrea Vavrinova

Most popular courses

Language courses are again scoring high on the list of the most popular courses. Many students applied for courses in German, French and Dutch. We’re hoping to be able to welcome these students at each of the partner institutions soon for a face-to-face exchange. The language courses set them up for a good start to their exchange.

Entrepreneurial courses also seem to be attracting attention. However, the technical courses are still among the most popular, especially those that complement well students’ study program at their home institution.

Next edition

While students start their virtual exchanges in the second round of the Course Catalogue, we are hard at work behind the scenes to set up the third round for further success. The third round will include a specific offering by our partners for all Mechanical Engineering students. We hope to keep expanding the course offering and the number of students. Keep an eye on our website. We anticipate the launch of the next edition in April 2022!

EuroTeQ Course Catalogue
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