Celebrate one year of EuroTeQ Engineering University with us!

In July 2020, the EuroTeQ Engineering University was chosen by the European Commission as a European University in their European Universities Initiative. On November 1, 2020 we officially began our work and have since in this first year really build up a wonderful spectrum of cross-European activities and a true  EuroTeQ spirit!

Management & agile operations

The original vision for EuroTeQ was created in several workshops of our Vice Presidents of Education in Brussels – our Management Board. Today, over 100 dedicated colleagues work within the project, which is coordinated at TUM. Together with our associated partners, they create activities in teaching and learning and design innovative formats for students, vocational learners and professionals.

Building on collaboration experience & a hub in Brussels

EuroTeQ origins from the collaboration of the EuroTech Universities Alliance. This strong role model for us celebrates 10-years of activities in 2021. We benefit from this experience and our joint hub in the heart of Europe: Brussels. EuroTeQ compliments EuroTech’s successful reasearch and innovation agenda and provides us with EU-policy expertise and great visibility on the European level. A wonderful partnership we would not want to miss!

Creating offers for and with our students

Of course, EuroTeQ is for our students – but it is also an initiative created from and with our students. Their perspective into all our activities is of utmost importance and feeds into all our offers and actions. Our motivated Student Council serves as the single entry point for the Student body at each location and helps us bring their voices together! We are more than excited to launch our second Course Catalogue for our students to enage in virtual mobility in the spring/summer semester 2022.

Self-assessment as our motor for development

Combining our teaching and learning initiatives with our research and innovation agenda is critical to our project’s success. By critically analysing our co-creative approaches, we learn more about how European societies function – and how collaborative efforts within our EuroTeQ Engineering University help us shape them and contribute to societal cohesion in Europe. With outreach events, we try to open the university realm to the greater public and invite as many people to join us as we can!

Differences mark our strenghts

Our geographical balance is extremely important to us, as we try to engage and learn about different European regions. Our six partners are anchored in diverse geographical and cultural contexts, where each partner with their corresponding eco-systems provides added value and a competitive advantage to the EuroTeQ cooperation. We are proud to say that after one year, we have really grown together as a goup of six – which actually means a group of so many! We look forward to the next years to come!

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EuroTeQ – a prestige project of the European Commission

The European Universities Initiative is one of the European Commission’s most prestigious funding schemes. The objective of this instrument is to establish ambitious European university alliances over the next few years that will make the European university landscape even stronger. The EU is funding EuroTeQ as part of its European Universities programme over three years with around five million euros through Erasmus+ and two million euros from Horizon 2020.

Co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union

Co-funded by the Horizon 2020 Programme of the European Union

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