Call for applications – 10 February to 10 March 2022

The EuroTeQ Teaching Fund supports teachers at the EuroTeQ partner universities in the realization of digital teaching projects in cooperation with European partners. 

Teaching Fund 2022

Our goal

The EuroTeQ Engineering University strives to foster collaboration between six strong Technical Universities and 45 associated partners in order to incorporate the European spirit in a future-proof and innovative engineering education. Together, we want to build an open EuroTeQ Campus that connects teachers and learners across countries and disciplines. The EuroTeQ Teaching Fund aims to promote an open educational approach, providing innovative formats for and together with European partners.

We are primarily looking for virtual teaching formats or blended learning approaches that act as a catalyst for interaction between disciplines as well as contribute to the understanding of value creation processes. These can be existing course offerings that take up the EuroTeQ idea or new formats to be developed, such as a micro-credential – a new form of qualification for specific competencies.

Funding to develop and run new courses in 2022

We especially look for new teaching and learning formats that run in the autumn/winter semester 2022 (between August and December/February) and encapture the EuroTeQ idea.

Apply for funding if you are ready to

  • invite and integrate students of all EuroTeQ partners into your digital (online), hybrid or blended course
  • develop and pilot a new teaching format and open it to partner universities
  • cooperate with teachers of one or more EuroTeQ partner universities
  • cooperate with an associated project partner (e.g. an industry partner)
  • pilot a Micro-Credentials for specific competences
  • pilot a new course for interdisciplinary topics and/or entrepreneurship
Teaching Fund 2022

Co-creation and collaboration
The EuroTeQ Teaching Fund is a core element of the EuroTeQ Engineering University. It is a clear commitment to intra-European cooperation in higher education – to combine strengths and create synergies. Together with the partners, we want to build a community for teachers – the EuroTeQ Learning Labs – to exchange ideas, share ideas for innovative teaching and cooperate in teaching and research projects. We expect all Teaching Fund grantees to be open to engage in a dialogue with partners, participate in or lead workshops, and drive collaboration in the EuroTeQ project.

For that purposes we have opened a Forum for Teachers to help you to find partners to boost collaboration to develop new teaching & learning formats, share experiences or ask the help to solve teaching challenges.

Guide for applicants

This is a joint Call for Applications at all six EuroTeQ Partner Universities.

The timeline for the call is 10 February to 10 March, 2022. Proposals have to be handed in at the home university of the project lead, who is in charge of the course. Please see the section Local Contact & Details, as slight local adaptions to the call are possible at each university).

Decisions are expected to be announced 4 April 2022. Courses are supposed to run in the Autumn/Winter Semester 2022 (between August 2022 and December/February 2023) and be part of the EuroTeQ Course Catalogue.

Starting date for these grants is expected to be April/May 2022, to support the conceptualization phase of your course, as well as its implementation.

We encourage projects that have a strong link to the development of the new EuroTeQ Campus and which will be part of the EuroTeQ Course Catalogue in 2022.

These courses will be offered in English, and are mostly online (including examination), to promote virtual mobility across partners. Some courses may be offered in hybrid or blended form as well.

A quick explanation of these terms:

  • hybrid = EuroTeQ students attend online, home students attend on campus
  • blended = the course is largely online (for all students), but there may be face-to-face elements, for instance for lab work or a final exam.

Applicants are asked to address in their project proposal how and to what extent the EuroTeQ ambitions are reflected in the planned course and how the project will involve students, teachers, or researchers from EuroTeQ partners working together or inviting new target groups (vocational & professional learners) and associated partners.

It is our aim to explore and integrate different approaches or perspectives and reflect intercultural differences.

Each university defines the specific target group for applicants. Please see local regulations for the call (Local Contacts & Details).

Please submit your application in English language. Only complete applications submitted before the deadline will be considered. One proposal per applicant per call is permitted.

As an initiative in the realm of lifelong learning, EuroTeQ aims to develop Micro-Credentials. The EuroTeQ Teaching Fund shall assist our teachers in the development of such Micr-Credentials. But what is meant exactly?

Micro-credentials refer to small teaching or educational units that, when completed, have a stand-alone value and clear learning outcome. Procedures and standards for the assessment and recognition of learning objectives are currently being developed at EU-level. The EuroTeQ Engineering University wants to be actively involved in this process and be an agenda-setter in the European Higher Education Area. Therefore, we support and accompany teachers who want to pilot a micro-credential in order to make them an internationally recognized format.

The funding for this initiative is provided by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union, as well as national co-funding and in-kind contributions by the partner universities. 

Each university has different modalities for funding to be awarded to successful projects. Please see local regulations for the call (Local Contacts & Details).

Examplatory cost categories you may apply for can include

  • Student/Research Assistants
  • Project specific software licences
  • Travel costs to partner or Brussels
  • Project specific equipment (Please check with the local project manager)
  • Video Production
  • Other Costs and Equipment (Please check with the local project manager)

The project will be evaluated upon completion to assess need, quality, added value, and potential for campus-wide scalability and possible transfer to EuroTeQ partners.

Please contact your university’s EuroTeQ Teaching Fund coordinator to find out how your university supports developing new teaching formats: