The EuroTeQaThon is the highlight event of the EuroTeQ Collider and concludes the implementation of the challenge-based teaching format in an event of all six partner universities.

The main theme of all Collider projects is “Leave No Waste Behind”. In the Collider, they worked on real challenges provided by companies. For the third EuroTeQaThon, teams are chosen that are the most innovative, have the most impact, or are most ready to launch. They are selected by their home universities in spring 2023. Then they are invited to further develop their concepts and compete in an international contest during the EuroTeQaThon weekend.

You can watch the live stream of the competition on our YouTube channel.

Announcing the Winners of EuroTeQaThon 2023!

We are thrilled to reveal the outstanding teams who have emerged victorious in the highly-anticipated EuroTeQaThon 2023 competition!

Impact category winner is The Himalayan Legos team, Technical University of Munich.

Innovation category winners are Space Junk Juggernauts, Eindhoven University of Technology.

Ready to launch category winner is SoftAware Team, Technical University of Munich.

We would also like to recognize and appreciate all the participating teams who showcased their talent, dedication, and passion during this challenging competition. Each team brought unique perspectives and ideas, making the judging process incredibly difficult.

EuroTeQaThon 2023 was an immense success, and we are grateful for the incredible support and enthusiasm shown by all the participants, mentors, judges, and sponsors. We believe that this competition has not only provided an exceptional platform for showcasing talent but has also fostered a spirit of collaboration and innovation among the brightest minds in Europe.

We are asking EuroTeQaThon participants to fill out a short survey so that we know what we can improve for you next time. Thank you!

Record of final presentations:

EuroTeQaThon @ CTU Prague / June 10th ÷ 12th, 2023 – overview

Final pitch schedule

Information for participants is available here.

Event venue:
CTU in Prague
Faculty of Electrical Engineering
Technická 2
Praha 6

Room: D3-209
(2nd floor, opposite the main staircase)